Remembering, reclaiming and rejoicing


the sacred feminine



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THE  D A R K   L I G H T


Our dark moon Goddess, Lilith invites us into her dance

to deepen into our cosmic womb, our blood, our death and our sex.


She is the first woman - the joining and the dissolving, the whore and the holy one.


For two nights, November 5 + 6,  we will continue our slow descent into the dark through the energies of scorpio and move deeper into the mysteries and teachings of Lilith.

We will be merging magickal and somatic practices as we ignite, burn and dissolve, into the oneness of our own dark light.


Come as you are and together in a safe + sacred space we will dance with our shadows and deepen into the divine feminine mysteries of the all and the nothing with our voice, body and breath.


Remembering, Reclaiming and Rejoicing in The Sacred Feminine through Lilith

Two Nights of Divine Embodiment


Night 1: Entering the Dark Cosmic Womb

Creating Connection with Lilith - Ceremony, Ritual, Self Initiation

Introduction to Eve as Lilith’s Sister, The Red + White River Mysteries

Embodiment Practices - Kundalini Dance + Cosmic Pelvic Bowl Breathwork


Night 2 : Transformation through Death + Sex

Sex Magick Teaching through The Dark Goddesses + Rose Lineages

Trauma/Tension/Stress Release Exercises

Closing Adornment Ceremony + Integration


November 5 + 6

6:15-9:15 PM

Rooted Heart in Denver


Payment Plans Offered