Akashic Records                                                                                    


Akashic Records, also referred to as "the Book of Life" is a vast etheric container of all knowledge.  Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning the ethers.  We all have our own records (like a cloud), as well as our businesses, animals and buildings.  Through the Akashic Records, we are guided by Beings of Light to explore patterns, heal past lives + old belief systems  and unveil your soul's purpose + wisdom.

Before the session, you will create 5-8 questions to ask your records.  If you need help forming them, I am happy to assist!  During this session I will deliver the messages from your records and send healing from the Akashic Light Grid.  An email (or recording if virtual) will be sent afterwards for you to continue your process.  A sense of clarity, peace and purpose is felt working in the records and with your beings of light.

$100/session 1 hr

$55/session 30 min