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"I have attended many of Alexandra's. gatherings and women’s circles, and I always leave feeling incredibly nourished and grounded. She gives us space to explore the darkest part of ourselves as well as our most radiant selves. Some of my deepest and most divine self-work has been with Alexandra and I could not recommend her enough!"  -Malia 

"Changing your life isn’t easy. Going within and being at peace with the person you find is hard. Even establishing a new healthy routine/practice takes self-awareness, consistency, and time.  After working with Alexandra during our Spiritual Counseling sessions I was able to recover hidden aspects of my core beliefs that were keeping me stuck. I have worked with traditional therapists, psychotherapists and counselors for years, but Alexandra's unique approach helped me see my blockages in a new manner. Through our enlightening discussions, beautiful guided meditations and powerful reiki sessions, I was able to elevate my spiritual life and heal hidden wounds I didn’t know were still blocking my growth. If you are in need of a jumpstart, a fresh perspective, a tune-up or even as a last ditch effort, do yourself a favor and open yourself up to Alexandra's magic. Alexandra  is not your therapist but rather a messenger angel here to help you find your own way to you."-Karie  

"I’m so grateful to know Lexi as I do! Her spiritual counsel has provided me with mindful tools, and resources that have empowered my personal growth opened my eyes to a world of awareness. Lexi’s sessions provided an ambiance of compassion, wisdom, comfort, and beneficial healing energy. I’d often leave our sessions feeling grounded and inspired. I’ve attended other counseling sessions, but I’ve struggled to feel comfortable.
Lexi’s warm and welcome and no-judgment demeanor helped guide me on my healing journey, into my depths to acknowledge, respect, and love all parts of my being." - Diedre

"Alexandra has changed my life.  I have worked with traditional counselors and none of them have affected me as deeply as Alexandra.  She has strengthened not only my relationship with myself but also my relationship with Spirit.  She has guided me to a connection with this Universe I did not know was possible.  Working with Alexandra has taught me to speak my truth, to find love, worth, and strength in myself, and to trust- both in myself and in Spirit.  With Alexandra I am safe, grounded, and at peace and she has taught me how to bring this into my everyday life.  Alexandra supplies a wide range of personalized, tangible tools to promote your healing and growth.  She works with you to determine which tools are reasonable and useful to you and helps develop them.  I look forward to her emails with personalized meditations, writing exercises, and quotes to further facilitate progress.  Working with Alexandra you become not only her client.  You become part of her world.  Part of her community.  Your healing is her healing as she is driven by your growth.  Do yourself an act of love and schedule a Spiritual Counseling session with Alexandra and see for yourself."-Kristi