I wanted to create a place where we can meet monthly through Zoom for energy cleansing, healing + resetting the nervous system.  There is still quite some uncertainty and it's especially important to remember what is in our control and what we can do for ourselves and our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.  I am passionate about creating a space that offers healing to everyone no matter their financial means.  I believe everyone should have access to these modalities.  


Once a month on Thursday's I will be guiding an Angelic Reiki Meditation from 6-6:30 PM MST.  In this half hour, I will call on Archangels through a relaxation meditation to clear energies from the week and bring in healing.  These meditations are free, and if you are able to donate, donations will be going to local BIPOC organizations.  Each class I will let you know which organization donations will be going to. This is a perfect way to come together, let go, relax and receive.  


You are worthy and deserving of this space to heal and be held.