Spiritual Counseling                                                                                       

Spiritual Counseling is not psychological counseling, but rather reflective listening, assisting people who want to grow spiritually within their own personal belief system.  I am a certified spiritual counselor and work to help identify recurring patterns and behaviors that block us in everyday life . Through this internal processing, blocks are removed from our awareness, revealing a deeper understanding and connection in our life.  Through our work together, I will bring you a variety of spiritual assessments and practices that are unique to you. I am here to hold space for you as you awaken your inner healer.


A spiritual counseling session includes an hour of reflective listening, where questions and thoughts are directed back to you, supplemented with guided meditation.  We journey through the different energy centers in your body and explore any blocks that are coming up.  Through this practice you learn to identify archetypes associated with these blocks or areas you may feel stuck. We will allow space for past lives to be healed and access the inner child who is ready to be acknowledged.   We discuss specific practices that will work for you outside of our session and a follow up email is sent out with details of those exercises.  These sessions are designed for you to tap into your inner wisdom as you come back to a place of remembering your wholeness.

These sessions are unique to each person and are created according to where you are in your spiritual development.  If you have that door cracked with a desire to explore further, a counseling session will ignite the fire within. We will get completely honest in a safe space and seek the balance between dark and light.  No matter where you are in your spiritual practice there is always space to go deeper.  As a trauma informed and certified practioner, you are held in a safe and supportive space to not just heal, but to unveil your joy, passion and wisdom!  While I guide you on your healing journey, you will leave feeling grounded, curious, and open to growth as you awaken the healer within you.

In person/Online


$147/60 min session & 30 min reiki


**Sliding scale if you are experiencing financial strain **